Moving Checklist: The week of your move

  • Use up all your frozen foods, or gift them to family and friends
  • Clean out your refrigerator. If moving the fridge, defrost and dry before moving day.
  • Donate nonperishable foods that you can’t take with you.
  • Take out cash for tipping your moving crew
  • Finish packing everything but the essentials to get you to moving day


  • donate unused food
  • Confirm your travel plans
  • Say goodbye to neighbors
  • Begin cleaning empty rooms
  • Double check shelves and closets for any items you’ve missed
  • Collect keys and garage door openers to give to your real estate agent for the new owners
  • Check the weather for your moving day, and be prepared for rain or snow
  • Take photos of your home for insurance purposes, just in case!
  • Make sure your credit card company knows you are moving.

begin cleaning rooms

  • Purchases in a new location can cause your card to be flagged or declined!
  • Pack a suitcase to live out of for the last couple days before
    the move (and until you’ve unpacked the rest of your clothes in your new home)
  • Schedule a final walkthrough of your home with the real estate agent
  • Dispose of any debris you are leaving behind
  • Pack outdoor items. Be sure to drain gasoline from any outdoor equipment!
  • Make a “worst case scenario” plan in case your movers run late
  • Pack supplies that you’ll need immediately in a separate box to be unloaded first at your new home.
  • Drain your outdoor hose, as well as the hoses for your washing machine and ice maker, if taking appliances with you.
  • pack a suitcase


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

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