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A master-planned residential area just south of Mission Viejo in Orange County, Ladera Ranch is among some of California’s hottest properties — and for good reason! Home to 30,288 happy residents, Ladera Ranch may not be Hollywood, but it is amongst the most affluent communities in the entire state, with a home around here costing you $818,300 on average. While certainly a hefty price, Ladera Ranch is well-educated and well-behaved, and if you’re looking for a high class community in this slice of the Golden State, there are few choices better than Ladera Ranch!

Want to live the high life in Ladera Ranch? Planning on moving to, from, or within Ladera Ranch? You should call a professional Ladera Ranch mover! While it might seem like a good idea to get your move done by yourself at first, you’ll quickly find that the suite of services a professional moving team can’t be easily replicated back home, not to mention that incidental costs, like fuel and food, might end up adding to more than you would’ve paid by simply hiring a moving crew in the first place! Alleviate the stress of your transition by hiring a highly-rated moving company today.

Best Ladera Ranch Movers

At Safeway Moving, we know that even in the best of times, moving is a major headache. Packing everything yourself is an incredibly tedious process, and could result in one of your precious personal belongings getting damaged or destroyed if done incorrectly. Loading everything into trucks is tiresome and potentially dangerous. This is all without acknowledging the fact that costs will add up quickly, and you might end up spending more on food, gas, materials, and more than you would’ve spent hiring a trusted, professionally trained crew. That’s why you should give Safeway Moving a try! Our well-trained, properly certified, but affordable team is sure to transform your move from a headache to a stress-free journey.

How much does it cost to move to Ladera Ranch?

The final price may vary to a great extent, depending on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include hourly wages for employees, fuel, distance travelled, volume of items moved, and more. The only way to get a truly accurate estimate of your final cost is to fill out the form on our website, or call us at 949-639-0330.

Wondering which Ladera Ranch moving company you can trust?

The last thing anyone wants to deal with during a stressful transition is amateur teams and rude staff, to say nothing of outright scammers! To make sure you’re hiring a company that’s right for you, Safeway Moving recommends the following actions:

  • Search for movers in Ladera Ranch and check their reviews
  • Verify company’s licensing and insurance
  • Research how experienced their crews are and their claims rate
  • Ensure staff is background checked and properly trained

Safeway Moving was founded more than 13 years ago, and has been bringing only the best in customer service ever since! We’re very proud of our great reviews on aggregators like Google and elsewhere.

Ladera Ranch, CA Moving Services

Whether you’re crossing state lines or going down the street, our accomplished Ladera Ranch moving company will help get you settled in your new place.

Ladera Ranch, CA Local Moving

Even when you’re staying in the same neighborhood, relocating can be tiring. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, our Ladera Ranch local movers will be there.

Ladera Ranch, CA Long-Distance Moving

A cross-country move can be nerve-racking, so let our expert Ladera Ranch long-distance movers figure out all the hard details. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth relocation!

Ladera Ranch, CA Packing Services

Sick of getting paper cuts and accidentally popping all of your bubble wrap? If so, it’s time to hire our Ladera Ranch packers!

Ladera Ranch, CA Commercial Moving

Taking time off work to relocate your new office space can be a headache. Instead, have our hardworking Ladera Ranch commercial movers take care of it for you!

Ladera Ranch, CA Storage

Need to move and store large furniture and valuable items while your house is undergoing renovation  ? Our highly monitored storage units in Irvine will keep your belongings secure until you want them again! Contact Mike or Roy at the office for a free estimate.

Believe Ladera Ranch is the perfect home for you? Contact Safeway Moving at 949-639-0330 for a free quote. We’re the most dedicated Ladera Ranch moving company!

What customers say about us

Megan Flores
Megan Flores
Mike/Mauricio and the team did an outstanding job for us. We were so very worried about the rain but these guys and the team took care of everything!!! They were very professional and by the end of the day...felt as though we made new friendships. They protected the floor/the stairwell, and each and every piece of furniture. They worked so well with each other and we were completely satisfied with the entire experience. Thank you to each and every one of you!!!
Mohammad Sowlat
Mohammad Sowlat
Shout out to Safe Way Moving for making our move completely hassle and pin free. Cody, Mike and Eric were amazing. They are pros and extremely good at their job. They did such an amazing job that my wife and I could not believe the move was over in such a short amount of time. They protected all our stuff with packing material and blankets. They were also very careful with unloading the furniture at the new place! Not a single mark left on the floor, wall, etc. Thank you guys! Also shout out to Roy, the manager, for laying out the details ahead of time and giving accurate time and price estimates. Would highly recommend!
Hera Christine
Hera Christine
I recently used SafeWay Moving Company for my relocation, and I couldn't be happier with their service. From start to finish, they were professional, efficient, and careful with my belongings. The team arrived on time, handled everything with care, and completed the move within the estimated timeframe. Their rates were also reasonable, making the whole experience stress-free. I highly recommend SafeWay Moving Company to anyone in need of a reliable and top-notch moving service.
Jonathan Scharf
Jonathan Scharf
SCAM!!! - I’m sorry SafeWay of Lake Forest, CA, but there is a company out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida that is using your name to swindle people. Unfortunately, this 1-star review serves to direct people away from them when looking at your reviews and site. You should get in contact with them and try to fight them on the rights to the name. This was my experience with the SafeWay of out of Fort Lauderdale: SCAM!!! - If this is the first and only thing you read in your search, I hope it's a deciding factor not to go with them. I’ll start with the scary stuff first - things almost went legal with lawyers, and I ended up paying $550 more than what I was quoted, and this was after intense and extremely unpleasant negotiations. I’ll start here with the fact that they aren’t Safeway Moving based out of Lake Forest, CA. That Safeway actually has good reviews, and this one, based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hides behind this good company. This horrible Safeway overcharged me an exorbitant amount for services I didn’t need. Even though before signing the contact I had reviewed the specs with salesman in meticulous detail, on pick up, they still tried to charge me >$500 for long carry fees and extra packaging fees. I got them down to $150. On drop off, they insisted on charging me $400 for the shuttle service, as they said their 18-wheeler truck could not fit near my new complex. I had them get on the phone with the complex twice, who insisted both times that they would be fine to bring their truck directly to the site. After multiple hours of heated conversation on the phone (my time wasted), they threatened to bring their lawyers in if I didn’t go with their shuttle service or sign away on liability for their truck (like I would take on the risk of paying whatever damages their truck endures [both past and present]). They launched personal attacks, branding me as the issue and resorting to manipulative sales tactics. When I finally relented to paying the $400, they were as sweet as pie and the mention of lawyers disappeared. Don't fall for their tricks. Let's support ethical businesses and hold the moving industry accountable. Spread the word to protect others from similar experiences.
Beverly Kreuer
Beverly Kreuer
Provided friendly and efficient service with care for our belongings. We've lived through a number of corporate moves and throughout the country over 20+ years. This is our first experience at hiring movers ourselves and this was a positive experience.
Lucy Stone Radulic
Lucy Stone Radulic
Safeway Moving handled our move from CT. The crew: Mussa, Damir and Sergei, were professional, pleasant and easy to interact with. They worked efficiently and provided full packing services. They arrived on time and got the entire job done with in their planned time schedule. Everything was explained and confirmed. Would recommend using them again in the future!
Maggie C
Maggie C
After reading all these reviews, I decided to hire this company although another professional moving/packing company has given a quote at nearly half the price of what these guys charged me. On the day of the move, they came, packed everything, and stored it in their vault for 1 week. When they dropped off our stuff at our new home, we were shocked to find the state of things. Instead of neatly packing the items, they literally jammed all of our belongings into boxes, resulting in certain items like figurines being broken. On the boxes themselves, instead of neatly labelling what is going into each box, they just generically labeled it from what room they retrieved that item. Our new Nutri bullet parts are lost. They stuffed the top into one box and lost the base. Now I have to discard my Nutri Bullet and buy another one. And they call themselves “professional packers”? Reading all these stellar reviews, I took a loan from my friend to pay for these guys since our finances were already constrained due to the purchase of our new home. Now I am left with two grand in debt and missing/broken belongings.
Kyle Sulli
Kyle Sulli
Roy helped me book a move on short notice. Eric and Paul were very professional, efficient, & handled all my belongings with care. I highly recommend SafeWay!
Savanna Madrid
Savanna Madrid
Safe Way Moving should have a 10 star rating. 5 just does not exemplify, the quality and service they provide. I have moved many times , and tried to overlook the past movers sloppy ways and lack of concern. Well, Safe way moved me last week. They were on time , drove a nice , new clean truck , with all the equipment needed neatly in the truck. The 4 guys were polite and friendly , and seemed to enjoy their work. All furniture wrapped carefully. This is the best part, when I got to my new house, not only had they unloaded everything, they placed my furniture in each room as if I already lived there. Tv was on TV cabinet facing my couch. Chairs around dining room table AND my clothes were hanging in my closets! I have never ever seen anything like it. Pro’s Amazing!!!! Yes, I just called a moving experience amazing you guys are fantastic.
Carol Kurland
Carol Kurland
Moving isn't fun for two senior citizens. HOWEVER, thanks to our awesome Safe-Way moving team, Mike M, Mike R, Eric R, Scott and Paul, it was a FUN, STRESS FREE experience. Everything was moved with care and efficiency. They even provided much appreciated suggestions for furniture placement. Thanks to Roy Marquez for his suggestion to load one day and unload the next. This saved us money for our 60 mile move from OC to LA. Also 3-cheers for Rayne in the front office for her kind support. Sending a BIG THANK YOU HUG to everyone at Safe-Way Moving. You're the BEST!

Orange County Award-Winning Local Movers

spire quality awards

We have been selected as a Spire Award Recipient for 2023!

Below is a description of this honor, awarded by Wheaton Worldwide.

The Spire Award recognizes The Wheaton Group agents who have achieved “Excellent” or “Very Good” scores in four of the eight Quality benchmarks – Safety, Estimating Accuracy, Packing Frequency and Severity, Hauling Frequency and Severity and Warehouse Frequency and Severity; and four of the eight CXR measurements – NPS System Managed, NPS Self Managed, Communications, Packing, Salesperson, Driver, Loading and Delivery Services with no “Poor” scores at the end of the calendar year.

We take great pride in this honor and in each and every move that we do. Thank you to our customers who have chosen to move with us and allowed us the opportunity to perform with excellence!

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