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When is the best time to move?

The best time to move is when it’s right for you. However, there are some times of the year that are busier for the moving industry than others. The summer months (May – September) and the end of each month are periods of heavier demand.

How soon should I book my move?

Make a reservation as soon as possible. At Safeway Moving & Storage, we can handle last minute jobs, but keep in mind, there are busy periods during the year. Ideally, you should book a moving company at least 1 month prior to the moving day. That way, you will have enough time to do some research and find the movers that match your moving schedule & budget.

How much does it cost to move?

The ultimate price depends on several aspects. In order to give you a correct estimate with no hidden fees, we will take into account: the specific services you request us to provide, the amount of items needed to be moved, whether you will need boxes for packing, the distance involved.

When should I begin to contact moving companies about estimates for my upcoming move?

It is a good idea to contact the moving companies you are considering for your move with as much notice as possible. It is ideal to have companies provide an estimate five to six weeks prior to your desired move date. Try to select the moving company four weeks before your moving date. Be sure to sign the Estimate/Order for Service and confirm your packing, pick-up, and delivery dates.

How do I know whether or not a moving company is licensed?

A reliable moving company has such information on their website. If that’s not the case, call the movers and ask for a proof of license. Never hire an unlicensed moving company/movers. Certified moving companies must have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number. It’s always recommended to work with a certified moving company. Also all California moving companies are required to have MTR (Household Mover Permit).

What type of moving estimates are available ?

There are three types of estimates: non-binding, firm binding, and option binding. A non-binding estimate is the carrier’s approximation of the cost, based on the estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services requested. The final cost will be based upon the actual weight of your shipment, the services provided, and the tariff provisions in effect. A firm binding estimate is an agreement between the agent and the customer that the cost of the move will be a specific dollar amount based on the estimated weight of the shipment and the specific services requested. If the actual weight of the shipment is different than the agent anticipated, the price of the move would not change.

Will the movers wrap the furniture for free?
Yes, this service is provided by SafeWay Moving free of charge.

What happens if my moving date changes?
If you need to change the date of your move , talk to your movers whenever possible and talk about alternative dates. They may be busy with the date you intended,or the cost might be considerably greater.

What types of payment do you accept ?
We accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).

How do I pack my boxes so nothing gets damaged?

  • Here are a few guidelines to follow :
  • Keep similar items in the same box
  • Pack by room and mark boxes so you and the movers know where they should be placed
  • Use small boxes for heavy items like books
  • Use dish-pack boxes for fragile items and electronics
  • Use large boxes for linens, sheets, and clothes
  • Your box weight should not exceed 50 pounds


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